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Masonry ruin of the Bradford House (5JF.997)

Bradford House, Jefferson County (5JF.997)

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Gunnison Arts Center (5GN.29)

Gunnison Arts Center, Gunnison County

Project #22-M2-001 Wildfire Mitigation Plan

In the Fiscal Year 2022, the State Historical Fund awarded funds to the Colorado Chautauqua Association to complete a Wildfire Mitigation Plan in order to study specific historic wood-framed building protection mechanisms and materials (foams, fire resistant paints, building wraps, gutter covers, fire shutters, substitute materials, water suppression systems, etc.) The criteria for evaluation of these methods include: efficacy, cost, compliance with SOI Standards, feasibility and reversibility. 

The report has been published and it is presented in its entirety here:

Full Report

Abridged Report