National and State Register

Multiple Property Submissions

Multiple property submissions group significant properties by related themes, trends, and patterns of history.  Each property listed under a multiple property submission is related to the common theme.  Multiple property submissions fall within three broad types.

National Register Multiple Property Submission

A series of individual and/or district listings of thematically-related historic properties. (Example: Historic Farms and Ranches of Weld County)

National Register Multiple Resource Area

A series of individual and/or district listings from a single geographic area which encompasses a series of resources linked by place rather than by historic association.  (Example: Manitou Springs Multiple Resource Area)

National Register Thematic Resource

A series of individual and/or district listings of thematically-related historic properties.  (Example: Vehicular Bridges in Colorado Thematic Resource)

The historic contexts and registration requirements developed as part of a particular multiple property submission facilitate the identification and evaluation of similar properties in the future.  In some cases, properties already individually listed in the National Register may be covered.

Several of the multiple property documents have been approved for use in the State Register program in addition to the National Register.

Annotated multiple property submission titles pertaining to Colorado are listed alphabetically below, and they appear on the following pages along with a list of related properties.  The properties may also be found under the previous county listings in this directory. Please see the county listings for individual property annotations.