Archaeology Grants

Archaeology grants identify, record, research, preserve and interpret archaeological resources. This includes prehistoric and historic sites, as well as artifact collections that reflect Colorado’s rich heritage. All grants must follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and/or Museum Professionals as applicable. 

For more information and guidance about archaeology projects, please refer to our Grant Application Guide.

Ancestral Puebloan roofless kiva at the Haynie Site 5MT.1905.

Haynie Site 5MT.1905

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center


Historic designation of the resource at the local, state, or national level at the time of application is required for Archaeology grants that propose to purchase a property, protect a resource (fencing, create a shelter, etc.), excavate, and/or teach a field school. For more information about the designation process, click here.

Permits are required from the appropriate state or federal agency for archaeological fieldwork.

Archaeological documentation must meet specifications set by the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation for site forms and reports.

Property protections will be placed on properties acquired with HC-SHF grants. For more information on property protections, contact Property Protections Coordinator Korbin Pugh at 303-866-2797 or

Forms and Samples

Faculty and participants of the University of Denver Amache Field School

The University of Denver Amache Field School crew onsite, Summer 2012.

University of Denver, Anthropology Department

Ready to Apply?

Please read the State Historical Fund Application Guide for tips on how to complete the application form.  If you have a slower internet connection, please be patient when filling out the application fields, navigating between application tabs, and uploading documents.

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For more information about archaeology grants or to get additional reference materials, contact our Archaeological Specialist at 303-866-3498 or email us at

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