View of the Bingham Farm along CR50E in Larimer County, view to the northwest (2012)..


National & State Registers

The Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation (OAHP) assists property owners in listing Colorado’s most historically and architecturally significant buildings, structures, and sites in the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.

Properties listed in the National or State Register may be eligible for investment tax credits for approved rehabilitation projects.  Listed properties are also eligible to compete for grants from Colorado's State Historical Fund.  These grants may be used for acquisition and development, education, and survey and planning projects.

Although OAHP strongly encourages the preservation of National and State Register properties, listing offers no automatic protection.  Private owners of National and State Register properties using private funds may alter or demolish these properties within existing local building regulations.  Projects involving federal or state agency actions or funding are reviewed by OAHP with the goal of preserving historic resources whenever possible.

OAHP staff is available to assist with the initial assessments of eligibility and to provide guidance in the completion of register nomination.

Above photo: Bingham Homestead Rural Historic Landscape (5LR.774). Photo by Ron Sladek.

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