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History Colorado's incomparable collections—from books and manuscripts to artifacts and photographs—encapsulate the rich history of this state and help us understand the present in the context of the past.

History in the Making

A Collaborative Approach, Open to All, Focused on Preserving the Now
We live in historic times. Here at History Colorado, we are documenting contemporary moments through the preservation of artifacts, photographs, documents and oral histories. Please consider helping us in this important work.

Current preservation projects include:

Colorado’s COVID 19 Experience 
The Latino Heritage Project
LGBTQ+ Culture and History 
Colorado’s Urban Indian Experience
Museum of Memory
Architecture and Urban Planning

Have a unique story to share?  Email us at and put History in the Making in the subject line.

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historic photo of street in front of Union Station
Lucile Berkeley Buchanan
Autochrome image of Helen and Barbara Clatworthy sitting on a hill of dirt and debris in the middle of a lake, with the Rockies in the background.
A line of automobiles, flanked on each side by many feet of snow, on Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park
Hotel Colorado in 1900
John Denver with bear
Children in Frisco in 1910
Telluride in winter in 1908
photo of people having fun at Great Sand Dunes