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History Colorado's incomparable collections—from books and manuscripts to artifacts and photographs—encapsulate the rich history of this state and help us understand the present in the context of the past.

“The mission of the History Colorado Curatorial Services and Collections Access work unit is to collect, preserve and interpret, provide access to, stimulate appreciation for, and advance knowledge about Colorado history—all in the service of patrons and in accordance with the highest professional standards.”

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We are happy to announce that our Collections Merchandise is available in several places.

All items are inspired by original artifacts from the History Colorado Collection. All proceeds help support protecting the collection and making it available. The History Colorado collection is preserved for future generations, but can also be reproduced, researched, and used for other exciting things including creative ideas for crafting, coloring, and entertainment. Members get 10% off.

Collections merchandise is available in the gift shop at the History Colorado Center. Please visit the lobby area.

Please visit our Etsy shop. Members can enter HCCMEMBERTHANKS as a discount code for 10% off.

For local pickup, please visit our Online Collection Shop page. This site also features special items not available in Etsy. Submit your order with your member number for a 10% discount.