Commonly Asked Questions about the National and State Registers

How do I nominate my property on the National Register of Historic Places or the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties?

The basic steps of nominating your property are explained on the "How do I nominate my property" page.

Does the OAHP have any information on a particular building or site?

Our office maintains a database of thousands of records on historic and prehistoric resources around the state.  Call our office at 303-866-3392 with a name, address or legal location to find out if we have any information.  Another possible source of information may be the local historic preservation commissions around Colorado as they maintain their own records.

Where do I find all Colorado properties listed on the National & State Registers?

Our office maintains a complete directory of all Colorado properties listed on the National and State Registers.  The content is updated quarterly, with recently listed properties announced on our web site.

Where do I find the nomination forms?

Both State and National register nomination forms are located under the National & State Register section.  Nomination deadlines are located under the National & State Register section.

Are any restrictions if I list my property?

There are no restrictions imposed by the National or State Register as to what private property owners may or may not do with their property.  Private property owners may alter or demolish a listed property subject only to applicable local government regulations and permitting procedures.

What do I need to know about property insurance for National & State Register listed properties?

Insurance for Historic Properties on the National/State Registers - Colorado Division of Insurance and History Colorado

Listing, either individually or as a contributing resource in a registered historic district, should have no bearing on insurance coverage.  Owning a property listed in the National or State Register does not impose a regulatory burden on the property owner.  When making repairs to a listed property that may involve an insurance claim, the property owner is under no obligation to make the repairs following accepted historic preservation standards or guidelines, such as the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Where can I order a plaque for my listed property?

If you are interested in obtaining a plaque recognizing your property's official designation, there are a number of sources from which to order.

History Colorado does not have a standard State Register marker program.  You may design and order any type of marker which best fits your needs.  We do request that you use a standard statement to indicate the official designation as part of the marker.  The standard wording is:

This property has been placed in the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties by History Colorado

History Colorado and the State Historic Preservation Officer do not endorse any suppliers nor can we guarantee the prices or descriptions quoted.  We supply plaque sources as a service to you.

Find out additional information?

You can find additional information in the National & State Register program area or in our publications section under Identifying and Designating Historic Properties.