PAAC students mapping a site on the annual summer survey.

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PAAC Class Information

There are 12 regular courses in the program, all of which have accompanying lists of suggested readings (Bibliography) and definitions of terms (Glossary) relevant to that subject.  Courses range from eight to 25 hours in length and are taught in 11 locations throughout Colorado. 

Each of the 12 regular courses applies toward the requirements of at least one PAAC certificate.  There is one course specifically developed for the Laboratory module, a prerequisite to certification as a Laboratory Trainee and Laboratory Technician.  One other course (Rock Art Studies) applies toward one of the options for certification as a Specialty Surveyor.  All 12 regular courses must be passed to earn the Scholar certificate; two of those classes are specific to the requirements in this area.  Nine courses--three at each level of certification--are applicable to the requirements for earning up to three certificates in the Surveyor module. A new class is being tested, Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing and offered upon request.