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History Colorado is an Equal Opportunity employer and has both State of Colorado Classified job positions and Non-classified job positions. We also have unpaid internship opportunities.

For job opportunities at other State agencies throughout the state, visit the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration Job Announcements.



This position will provide a leadership-based, civics after school program for Denver Public School middle school students. As the After School Facilitator, you will lead programs, based on the What’s Your Story? Exhibit opening Fall 2019, to further and deepen student understanding around their own lived experiences, history, and the world. You will cultivate a safe space that will help to inspire and foster active, informed civic leaders who will better the future of Colorado. This program will give students the opportunity to engage with their peers outside of the classroom setting and develop new connections. In this position the facilitator will also be responsible for recruiting students, developing relationships with school partners and families, and managing program logistics (i.e. data collection, evaluation, and inventory of program materials). 
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As a service to our visitors, the Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation will post position announcements that we are aware of around Colorado. This page is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all positions available, but a useful tool to those who are looking for employment in the cultural resource field. We strongly recommend you double check for complete information at the listing organization. If you are interested in letting us know about a position, please send an email to be sure to include a closing date for applications.