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At History Colorado we strive to be a place of belonging for all Coloradans and to serve as a platform for community connection and co-creation. We know we’re succeeding when more voices, perspectives and experiences are part of History Colorado. 

We're creating community programming and developing neighborhood memory projects. We’re also working with staff and volunteers to integrate inclusivity at every level of museum work.

We invite you to join us! 

"The Movement Makers" on That's What She Did podcast

The Movement Makers Panel is the culmination of History Colorado’s yearlong initiative “Year of La Chicana”. This community-driven programming was a directive born out of a desire to honor Chicanas - past, present, and future and to share their stories with a wide range of communities. It was featured in a pre-season special on the podcast That's What she Did.

History Colorado has become a force for finding new and inclusive ways to serve Coloradans. In 2018 History Colorado provided programs to more than 18,000 students in their own schools, and assisted more than 40 schools with bus funds, to expand efforts that now serve more than 85,000 students annually. Its all-day Hands-On History program at El Pueblo History Museum responds to the four-day school week that is now administered by 61% of Colorado school districts.