Part of the cover image for the State Preservation Plan showing a collage of images including Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde and a group of people working on a wooden roof rehabilitation.


State Preservation Plan

The Power of Heritage and Place: A 2020 Action Plan to Advance Preservation in Colorado is a statewide action plan that acts as a guide for the network of historic preservationists in Colorado for shared goals and strategies concerning preservation’s relevance to citizens, partners, and local municipalities.

In 2016, History Colorado completed a five-year update to the 2020 state plan, which features several key goals, including increasing the public’s understanding of the many cultural and economic benefits of historic preservation, communicating the preservation message to more Coloradans, celebrating the wide variety of cultural resources in their many forms, continuing survey efforts to better understand the cultural landscape of Colorado, inspiring local collaboration between networks of new and established preservationists, coordinating emergency management responses, and more.