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Affiliate Network

The Affiliate Network is an initiative of History Colorado to support, connect and grow Colorado’s 400+ history museums and organizations. Together we are creating a community of Colorado history inspired organizations that thrives through shared education, leadership, promotion, and membership.

History museums, big and small, historical societies, preservation organizations and other like-organizations share common goals and common challenges in preserving and presenting the history of Colorado. This community wants and needs regular opportunities to learn from one another, provide mutual support, extend resources, and develop as leaders. The Affiliates Network meets these needs. Network members have access to a dynamic group of peers, shared resources, and the information needed to thrive - join today!

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Visit Map

This interactive Visit Map below shows the locations and websites of Affiliates - great places to see Colorado's compelling history. Go explore -  online and in person! 

Affiliate Events

A group of people in civil war era clothing pose in front of the Durango Silverton train.
4 women in regalia posing in the Tread of Pioneers museum.
A green covered wagon on display in the Overland Trail Museum.
A young women holding a book stands next to a display case at Golden History Museum. Blue and yellow ceramic cookware is inside.

Membership Benefits 

With annual membership, Affiliates receive:

  • Monthly newsletter with training, success stories, grant opportunities, and more. 
  • Online monthly affinity group virtual sessions focusing on:
    • Inclusive Practices
    • Volunteer-run Museums
    • Educational Programs 
    • Executive Directors/Presidents
    • Exhibitions
  • Discounts to Museum Basics courses on collections care and stewardship
  • In-person training and networking gatherings 
  • Promotion on the interactive Visit Map
  • Discounts on traveling exhibitions
  • Two copies of four annual issues of the Colorado Magazine


The Affiliates membership fee is based on the organization’s annual budget size. The fees are on a sliding scale to minimize economic barriers - the fee for organizations with budgets of zero to $225,000 is just $1 annually. Museums need to pay annual dues and share some organizational data to maintain their active membership and keep your museum on the statewide map.

Organization’s Annual 
Operating Budget 
Affiliate Network Membership Fees
$0 to $225,000 $1
$225,001 - $500,000 $300
$500,001 -  $750,000 $450
$750,001 - $1,000,000 $600
$1,000,001+ $750

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The Affiliates Network is grateful for the time and expertise of its steering committee who have committed to grounding History Colorado in the staffing, economic, and geographic realities of smaller history inspired organizations. Thank you to: 

  • Animas Museum, Susan Jones, Head Curator, Durango
  • Golden History Museum and Park, Nathan Richie, Director, Golden
  • Overland Trail Museum, Kay Rich, Head Curator, Sterling
  • Tread of Pioneers Museum, Candice Bannister, Executive Director, Steamboat Springs
Shannon Voirol smiling while wearing a green top and black necklace. Behind her is greenery.

Shannon Voirol
Director of Affiliates



Contact |  303-866-4691

Over her 30 year museum career, Shannon Voirol has worked in both small museums and big museums in four states and Washington DC. She recently collaborated with the three tribal governments of the Cheyenne and Arapaho to open the AASLH award winning exhibition Sand Creek Massacre - The Betrayal That Changed Cheyenne and Arapaho People Forever. She loves helping and nudging museums to their next level and has an empathic understanding of smaller capacities and smaller budgets. When she doesn’t know the answer to your museum question, she will find someone who does.


Affiliate Network Resources

Lots of History Colorado's great content has moved online to our YouTube channel. Find talks from historians, authors, artists, preservationists, and links to our podcast Lost Highways.