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Upcoming Class Offerings at a Glance!

Oct 28 - Site Stewardship Workshop, Weekend Workshop, 2 credit hours

Nov 18 - State & National Register Nomination Workshop, Weekend Workshop, 2 credit hours

Class Details & Registration

Site Stewardship Workshop

Site Stewardship Workshop

Weekend Workshop

2 credit hours

This one-day workshop provides an introduction to archaeological advocacy through site stewardship. Participants will learn about the principal mission of preservation and primary activities of a site steward including the observation, documentation and reporting of the condition of cultural resources in Colorado. This course is being offered in collaboration with South Park Site Stewards

Hybrid: In-Person in Denver, CO & offered synchronously online
Saturday, October 28, 2023
10 am - 4 pm MDT

Instructor: Beth Parisi, South Park Site Stewards

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Registration closes Friday, October 20, 2023

State & National Register Nomination Workshop

State & National Register Nomination Workshop

Weekend Workshop

2 credit hours

This one-day workshop will walk participants through the process of preparing nominations for the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties and the National Register of Historic Places. In the morning session, participants will learn about the State and National Registers and how to evaluate the eligibility of archaeological resources for nomination. In the afternoon, participants will practice their new skills hands-on with a mock-archaeological site and learn how to write up parts of a nomination. This course is being offered in collaboration with the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office. 

Hybrid: In-Person in Denver, CO & offered synchronously online*
Saturday, November 18, 2023
9 am - 4 pm MST

Instructor: Eric Newcombe, National and State Register Historian, State Historic Preservation Office

*Please note: The morning session will be offered in a hybrid format. The afternoon session is in-person only. In-person participation will be limited to the first 15 registrants.

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Registration closes Thursday, November 9, 2023


Past Class Offerings

Below is a list of past class offerings. Course bibliographies and materials may be available for some listed classes. 

Archaeological Dating Methods

Archaeological Dating Methods Relative and absolute dating techniques, sample collection, preservation and care of datable material.

Archaeological Laboratory Techniques

Archaeological Laboratory Techniques Overview of the purpose of an archaeological laboratory and the processing sequence for artifacts and other collected materials through a laboratory including receiving, sorting, routing, cleaning, cataloging, conservation, analysis, reporting and storage. 

Archaeological Practice in Colorado

Archaeological Practice in Colorado Basic summary of the field of archaeology, common terminology, and Colorado's place in North American prehistory. Also describes the PAAC program in detail, the functions of the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) including interactions with the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado. State & federal laws protecting archaeological resources and codes-of-ethics also are covered. 

Basic Site Surveying Techniques

Basic Site Surveying Techniques History of archaeological survey, site identification, formation processes, survey methods, recording procedures, basic equipment usage, reading USGS topographic maps, goals and problems of archaeological survey. A field trip to identify and record a site. Curation of archaeological remains and necessity for final reports. 

Colorado Archaeology

Colorado Archaeology Covers the major periods and cultures of Colorado's prehistory, concluding with a brief summary of historic period American Indian groups in Colorado. 

Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing 

Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Techniques introduces students to the use of these technologies in archaeology. This course discusses the methods, theories, and applicability of geophysical survey and remote sensing techniques to archaeology.

Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology Importance of historical archaeology, types of sites, sources of historical information, key historic artifacts, Colorado history vs. archaeology.

Local PAAC Seminar Program

Local PAAC Seminar Program The intent of the seminar program is to provide additional education opportunities that are not presently available with the current demand for PAAC training. The seminar program offers individual CAS chapters and other local organizations the opportunity to tap the knowledge of their members as well as non-member specialists. Subjects suitable as seminar topics are numerous but must be applicable to the needs and general intent of PAAC.

Perishable Materials

Perishable Materials Value of perishable materials, information on preservation, varieties of materials, tool classes. 

Prehistoric Ceramic Description and Analysis

Prehistoric Ceramic Description and Analysis Ceramic technology, methods of manufacture, physical/stylistic analyses, and basic Colorado ceramic characteristics. 

Prehistoric Lithic Description and Analysis

Prehistoric Lithic Description and Analysis Stone tool technology, methods of manufacture, morphological/functional analyses, and common tool classes in Colorado. 

Principles of Archaeological Excavation

Principles of Archaeological Excavation Covers the history of excavation in archaeology, developments in excavation techniques, importance of planning and research designs, field procedures, recording & documentation, lab duties and report writing responsibilities. A classroom experience, this course does not involve actual field training. 

Research Design and Report Writing

Research Design and Report Writing Importance of archaeological research designs and reports, essential elements of research design, and guidelines for archaeological reports. 

Rock Art Studies

Rock Art Studies History of Colorado research, terminology, recording and conservation methods, ethics, interpretive approaches, dating methods and overview of styles found in Colorado. 

Summer Training Survey

Summer Training Survey Each year the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado (OSAC) sponsors an archaeological inventory ("survey"), typically during the June-August period. The survey provides field training in surveying techniques for PAAC volunteers.