Lake County

Rocky Mountain Center for Preservation

Schedule and Topics

Week 1: July 25-31, 2021
Week 2: August 1-7, 2021
Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm

Applicants may apply for one or both weeks of the field school.

Week 1 activities: Documentation, replication, chinking/daubing, stone/concrete foundations

Day 1: Intro/ Tool usage/ Safety/ Tool demonstrations/ Process discussions
Day 2: Discussion on joinery and logwork details/ Begin shoring work/ Jack structure up
Day 3: Continue with shoring/ Start Log Replication
Day 4: Sill log replication and installation
Day 5: Wrap up lower log installation/ Prepare for foundation piers

Weekend Work (Deep Roots Crew): Demo out concrete at pier locations, form and pour concrete piers. If work progresses faster than expected in week 1, some of this could also be included in coursework, or upper log installation.

Week 2 activities: Stone/log installation, roofing, chinking/daubing

Day 6: Group 2 orientation/ Intro/ Tool usage/ Safety/ Tool demonstrations
Day 7: Upper log installation/ Start Roof sheathing and roof
Day 8: Complete roof sheathing and roof, stone infill at foundation between concrete piers
Day 9: Door work/ Remove shoring to load foundation/ Chinking and daubing discussion
Day 10: Exterior daubing/ Wrap-up

The Chaffee County Courthouse and Jail building.

The Chaffee County Courthouse and Jail building.

Photo courtesy Buena Vista Heritage Museum.