Artifacts and Specimen at Approved Museums and Repositories

Information for Museums and Curatorial Repositories

The official rules and procedures that all State-approved facilities follow:

The official form/application and agreement to begin or renewal for State-approved status: (Please note on-site held-in trust agreements are developed separately)

A reference manual updated periodically for archaeological collections care in State-approved repositories:

Official State-Approved museum/repository loan agreement guidelines for state collections: 

While sound collections research policy is optimal these guidelines are intended to assist both archaeological/paleontological research organizations and approved repositories working with State artifacts/fossils that have insufficient research interest and are "non-curatable". These guidelines mirror many of the procedures and standards in amendments to 36 CFR 79 for the proper disposal of certain Federal collections of insufficient research interest:

Complete this form for the proposed disposition of "non-curatable" State collections:

Complete this receipt form for the transfer acceptance of a State collection:

In the tradition of past Curation Alliance Forums, we have held a mini-conference for State-Approved Museums and Curatorial Repositories (SAMCR) and those organizations/individuals interested in the program by offering training, education and a behind-the scenes virtual tour of a partner repository. 

You can find recorded session on the 2021 Curation Alliance Forum on our program YouTube channel by clicking HERE

The Forum Flyer can downloaded below:

Curation Alliance Forum Flyer

Curation Alliance Forum 2021 October 14th Final Agenda

View and re-watch past Curation Alliance Forums and Repository Confabs ("con•fab",(kŏn′făb″), short for confabulation, which means)► n. a casual talk; a conversation, chat, or presentation) by visiting us on YouTube HERE