Archaeological Practice in Colorado

This course is designed to give those having limited or no familiarity with archaeology a brief introduction to the profession, common terms, and preservation issues. The purpose and organization of PAAC and relationships with state agencies also will be explained. This course is intended to provide interested PAAC volunteers with basic background information as a prelude to further participation in PAAC.

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Three survey volunteers with former assistant State Archaeologist Keving Black (right) on the 2014 PAAC Summer Survey in the Pawnee National Grasslands

PAAC volunteers and staff discuss strategy on the summer survey.

Photo by Kate Buckman.

Class Outline

  1. What is Archaeology?
  2. What is the Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC)?
    1. Provisional Surveyor
    2. Certified Surveyor I
    3. Certified Surveyor II
    4. Laboratory Trainee
    5. Laboratory Technician
    6. Specialty Surveyor
  3. What is the Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS)?
    1. Why join CAS?
    2. What is the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado (OSAC)?
    3. CAS-OSAC interaction
  4. How does Archaeology relate to Anthropology?
    1. Four subfields of anthropology
    2. Historical archaeology
    3. European/classical archaeology
  5. Research vs. Contract Archaeology
  6. Legislation and Ethics
  7. Archaeological Terminology and Jargon
  8. Colorado's Place in North American Prehistory