Archaeology & Paleontology

Information about archaeology and paleontology. 

A National Park Service brochure which describes ways that people interested in archaeology can learn more about the field, including books, magazines, videos, and fieldwork opportunities.

A Historical Archaeology article providing basic advice on the handling, packing, and temporary storage of artifacts. Includes recent references (revised 04/14)

Notes on the care of fragile artifacts, with recommended supplies, vendors, and bibliography.  (Revised 8/14)

Information compiled by History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society from several sources. (Revised 4/14)

A detailed description of PAAC, a cooperative program of the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado and the Colorado Archaeological Society.  Further PAAC information is also available at this website.

A list of certified PAAC volunteers, and definitions and guidelines for each level of certification (revised 7/16).

A list of sites open to the public including addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours (revised 7/14).

A list of paleontological sites open to the public including addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours (revised 1/14).

A list of historic Colorado Mines, open to the public. The list includes addresses, phone numbers, and website information (revised 1/14). 

Activity worksheets created by Crow Canyon Archaeological Center for students (4th grade and up) that reinforce map skills to learn more about ancestral Pueblo people.

What is Archaeology?
Learn more about archaeology from Society for American Archaeology website

A Society for American Archaeology leaflet summarizing online public education resources available to children, teachers, and others.

Archaeology Career and Practice
Society for American Archaeology Career Center

Careers in Historical Archaeology (1589)
Society for Historical Archaeology brochure discussing educational and career opportunities.

Brochure discussing federal initiatives to preserve archaeological sites in the southwest.

Brochure detailing 25 suggestions on what you can do to be an advocate for archaeology.

America’s Hidden Battlefields: Protecting the Archaeological Story (1612)
A 20-page booklet promoting the protection of America’s battlefields.

National Park Service information card listing key strategies and suggestions for protecting archaeological sites.

A Society for American Archaeology brochure detailing how individuals can become responsibly involved in archaeology.

A Society for American Archaeology brochure focusing on making archaeology a career.

The current list of repositories approved to curate state-owned collections made by archaeologists and palaeontologists working on projects needing a state permit. (revised 4/17).

Guidelines for submission of state-owned collections of archaeological and palaeontological material. (revised 9/17)