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Artifact Kits and Grandmother Trunks

(Grades 3–5)

Our kits and trunks are packed with various artifacts, lessons plans centered in primary source analysis, photos, and so much more! From mountain men, miners, and the Giant Map to the stories of grandmothers from Colorado’s communities of color, our kits put the past in your students’ hands. See rental details and sample teacher guides for our kits and trunks below. Please contact us for any additional questions.

How to Order

Rental Period: 2 weeks
Cost: $20 per kit when picked up and dropped off at the History Colorado Center. Kits can be shipped both ways for an additional $50 charge. Late return and replacement fees may apply. 

Order your Kit or Trunk →

Each two-week rental period starts on a Friday. Click the links above to see which Fridays are available. Pick up and drop off is at the History Colorado Center and is available during the weekends at the beginning and end of your rental period. 

Need more than two weeks or not seeing the rental period you want? Email or call 303/866-2320 before reserving your kit online to arrange for any additional accommodations, subject to availability.

Grandmother Trunks

Imagine a trunk your grandmother might have tucked away somewhere, where they may have collected objects and stories over the years that one day might be passed on to you and your descendants. 

History Colorado’s Grandmother Trunks illustrate everyday life from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. Choose from four different communities: American Indian, African American, Hispanic, and Japanese American. Each trunk has 15-20 objects as well as lessons, biographies, and additional resources.

Artifact Kits

New in 2022-23! Bison Box

Explore the many uses of a bison in Plains Indian cultures with objects and stories.

Mountain Man

Colorado’s fur trade comes to life as students explore this exceptionally colorful era.

History of the Fur Trade
Mountain Man Artifacts

Colorado Miners

Experience the boom and bust cycles of mining in Colorado.

Boom and Bust: Denver’s History

Experience the Gold Rush, the city's changing architecture, modes of transportation, and other exciting times from Denver’s past.  

10th Mountain Division

Explore two very unique Colorado stories: the 10th Mountain Division and Camp Hale, and uncover the contributions to World War II and lasting legacies.

Giant Map

The National Geographic Giant Map of Colorado is an enormously entertaining and educationally powerful tool for introducing geography and map reading skills to students in all grade levels. 

Cliff Dwellers

We are updating this trunk in fall 2022. In the meantime, check out our Virtual Field Trips on Mesa Verde and Archaeology, as well as teacher resources from the National Park Service. 

More Resources

Be sure to explore our other resources online to further your lessons and experience with the Artifact kits and Grandmother trunks!

Online Digital Badges
Additional Resources