Youth working with Marissa Volpe as part a memory workshop.

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Bruce Randolph School Memory Project

In the fall of 2019, Bruce Randolph School students completed an oral history project in their community under the guidance of Mr. Doug Moehle, and in collaboration with History Colorado. In this project, students documented the stories of their families, the changes they have seen in their community, and life in North Denver through their eyes and in their own words.

On Nov. 20 2019, nearly 60 students exhibited their projects to the public during an open house at Bruce Randolph School's library. Community members and partners joined in supporting students as they shared stories of family, community, and life in north Denver. Beginning in January 2022, the projects are on display at CSU Spur in Denver. View the Exhibit →


Header Image: Students at Bruce Randolph School participating in oral history training with History Colorado's Chief of Equity & Engagement, Marissa Volpe.
Bruce Randolph students taking part in oral history training.

Bruce Randolph students taking part in oral history training.

Adriana Radinovic

Bruce Randolph School is a public school located in the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods in northeast Denver. These traditionally working-class neighborhoods are experiencing a process of change and disruption due to rapid urban renewal and development. The Bruce Randolph School Youth memory Project engaged local youth as a means to foster community cohesion and shared identity-making through the power of community-led historic reclamation and community storytelling.

The Bruce Randolph School Youth Memory Project is one of the multiple programs stemming from a formal and developing partnership between the Colorado State University (CSU) System and Bruce Randolph School around the future CSU System Campus at the National Western Center. The project was funded by North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative through a grant to CSU System and History Colorado.

Learn more about this project from our partners at Colorado State University.

Blackout Poems

Explore the blackout poems created by Bruce Randolph School students based on the memories collected from the community.