Cultural Landscapes Workshop

This workshop, cosponsored by the Colorado Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the National Park Service,  provided participants an opportunity to examine a range of landscapes and landscape issues, and become familiar with programs and agencies with cultural landscape interests.

Western landscapes are iconic among the nation's landscapes.  They are celebrated and referenced in many cultural expressions...

Barbara Wyatt, National Park Service

Agenda items included the integration of landscape considerations into surveys and National Register nominations; archaeology as a component of cultural landscapes; traditional cultural places; linear resources; designed landscapes; ranches; Hispanic/Latino landscapes; and other topics.  Challenges facing stewards of large tracts of land were confronted, including sustainability and the impact of energy initiatives.  The agenda was targeted to include topics that appealed to staffs of state, federal, tribal, and local preservation programs and other stewards of cultural landscapes.

Protecting Cultural Landscapes
  • Overview of Cultural Landscapes and the National Register, Barbara Wyatt (National Park Service)
  • Section 106 Compliance and Cultural Landscapes, Amy Pallante (Colorado State Historic Preservation Office)
  • Threats to Cultural Landscapes, Rebecca Schwendler (National Trust for Historic Preservation)

PDF (11MB)

Linear Landscapes
  • The Work of the National Trails Office, Michael Elliot (National Park Service)


The Hispanic/ Latino Landscape Legacy
  • An Overview of Hispanic American/ Latino Landscapes, Maria Mondragon-Valdez (Valdez & Associates)
  • Cultural Landscapes Barrio Logan, San Diego, California, Melanie Lytle (URS Corporation)


Nominating Designed Landscapes to The National Register
  • Denver Civic Center, Tina Bishop (Mundus Bishop Design, Inc.)
  • CCC Landscapes, Ann Komara (University Colorado Denver)

PDF (40MB)

Innovations in Landscape Surveys
  • Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS), Ann Mullins (WJM Design)
  • BLM Landscape Inventory Initiatives, Don Bruns (Bureau of Land Management)
  • Cultural Landscape Inventory, Roberta Young (National Park Service)

PDF (16MB)

Identifying Significance and Integrity in Evocative Landscapes
  • Japanese American WWII Relocation Centers, Kara Miyagishima (NPS)
  • Ranches as Cultural Landscapes, Astrid Liverman (Colorado State Historic Preservation Office), Kat Vlahos (University of Colorado Denver), Abbey Christman (Colorado Preservation, Inc.)
  • Colorado's "Lost" Radium Boom: Early 20th Century Mining and Processing Landscapes on the Colorado Plateau and in Denver, Steve Hart (Retired Engineer)
  • Landscapes of Conflict: Sand Creek as a Case Study, Tom Thomas (National Park Service)

PDF (23MB)

Sustainability and New Energy Initiatives
  • Sustainability and Land Use, Margaret McRoberts, Tom Keohan (National Park Service)
  • Renewable Energy Sources and Cultural Resources, Alicia Beat (Bureau of Land Management)
Nominating Traditional Cultural Places to the National Register
  • Overview of TCPs and the National Register, Barbara Wyatt (National Park Service)
  • Red Butte TCP: Collaborative Management of Traditional Cultural Properties at Kaibab National Forest, Mike Lydon (U.S. Forest Service), Carletta Tilousi (Havasupai Tribe)
  • Defining Boundaries of a TCP/ Mt. Taylor Case Study, Cynthia Benedict (US Forest Service)
  • A Tribal Perspective on Mt. Taylor, June Lorenzo


The Archaeology of Landscapes
  • Archaeology and Landscape, Richard Wilshusen (Colorado State Historic Preservation Office)
  • What Archaeology can Reveal about Cultural Landscapes, Bonnie Clark (University of Denver)
  • How Scientific Methods can Contribute to Identification & Management of of Cultural Resources, Kurt Anschuetz (Consulting Anthropologist/Archaeologist)