Dutch Colonial Revival

The Pearce-McAllister Cottage in Denver is an example of the Dutch Colonial Revival style..

The Pearce-McAllister Cottage in Denver.

The gambrel roof is the distinguishing feature of the Dutch Colonial Revival.  Primarily a residential style, it was popular in Colorado between 1900 and 1925.  Other characteristic elements included wide overhangs, dormers, small oval windows in the gable ends, and a porch under the overhanging eaves of the gambrel roof, supported by columns.  The building may be side-gabled, front-gabled, or form intersecting gables.  A steep, stepped gable, reminiscent of Flemish architecture, is also seen on occasion.

Dutch Colonial Revival style house in Denver.

An example of the Dutch Colonial Revival style in Denver.

Common elements:

  1. gambrel roof
  2. wide overhangs
  3. gable end chimneys
  4. round windows in gable end
  5. steep stepped gable
  6. porch under overhanging eaves
  7. 8-over-8 windows
  8. dormers

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