Ruins in West Central Colorado

Archaeology & Preservation Webinar Series

Archaeology of Lone Mesa State Park

In 2019, History Colorado’s Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) held the Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC) summer survey at Lone Mesa State Park. The survey focused on these three aspects: education in basic archaeological field techniques, the identification of resources in previously unsurveyed areas, and testing of a resource sensitivity model for further research. Lone Mesa State Park is currently not open to the public except for limited hunting licenses. State parks, wilderness areas, and other state properties are always being reviewed in regards to how they can better serve the public. Previous surveys covered only a portion of the park leaving a great opportunity for new data collection as well as a partnership between Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and OAHP. While working for CPW, Holly McKee-Huth developed a resource sensitivity model for prehistoric sites and land-use patterns in the park. The data from the Lone Mesa will hopefully allow us to test that model and continue research into its feasibility and potentially help with future management of the park.