Bold Women. Change History.

Bold Women. Change History.

Dawn Teele and Sally Roesch Wagner

Dawn Teele photo

Dawn Teele

The doctors are in! History Colorado is proud to welcome its next guests to cyberspace as Bold Women. Change History. boldly goes online. Researchers and authors Dawn Teele and Sally Roesch Wagner are a powerful pair. Dr. Teele authored Forging the Franchise for Princeton University Press (spoiler alert: male politicians did not extend voting rights because of generous, progressive ideas about women), and Dr. Wagner holds one of the first doctorates in the country for work in women’s studies. 

Offering insightful views you can use, they discuss where women and the vote have been and where they're headed in the 21st century. What don’t we know about the women’s suffrage movement in America, and what can that tell us about our politics today? Sit back and relax or sit up and lean in. This gripping conversation is moderated by Jillian Allison, director of the Center for Colorado Women's History. 

Sally Roesch Wagner faculty photo

Sally Roesch Wagner

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