Photo of children near battleground

Current Exhibition

Children of Ludlow

Life in a Battlezone, 1913-1914

Children of Ludlow is an award-winning exhibit that examines the Colorado Coalfield Strike and Ludlow Massacre through the eyes of the more than 9,000 children who endured the strike. The exhibit was originally part of the statewide Ludlow Centennial Commemoration.

Killed at Ludlow Massacre, April 20, 1914:

Elvira Valdez, 3 months
Frank Petrucci, 6 months
Lucy Petrucci, 2 years
Lucy Costa, 4 years
Cloriva Pedregone, 4 years
Joe Petrucci, 4 years
Onafrio Costa, 6 years
Rodgerlo Pedregone, 6 years
Mary Valdez, 7 years
Eulala Valdez, 8 years
Frank Snyder, 11 years
Primo Larese, 18 years
Frank Rubino, 23 years
Fedelina Costa, 27 years
Louis Tikas, 30 years
Private Alfred Martin, 30 years
Charlie Costa, 31 years
Patria Valdez, 37 years
James Fyler, 43 years
John Bartolotti, 45 years

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Photo of family in Ludlow
Family next to battle tent
Photo of children and families in Ludlow
A man in Colorado National Guard uniform a machine gun nest. He is pointing it away from the camera. Another National Guardsman kneels next to him with binoculars. Three more are laying prone in front of the machine gun.
Trinidad News Boys
Ludlow Hero 2
A black and white photo of the site around the time of the event with a group of people standing in the center of the pictures.
Family next to battle tent

In the embers grey and red
Here we found them where they bled,
Here we found them stark and dead.
Here on Ludlow Field.

- Frank J. Hayes, UMWA President, 1914