El Pueblo Trading Post

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El Pueblo Trading Post

The Trading Post is currently OPEN for Field Trips and Group Tours.
It is not open for general admission, but will re-open in Spring 2022.

The original El Pueblo Trading Post, now on the National Register of Historic Places, was built in 1842 on the Arkansas River, at that time the international border between the United States and Mexico. Anglo, French, and African-American trappers and traders; Mexican settlers and their families; and Plains, Iroquois, Delaware, and Cherokee Indians met at El Pueblo and the site hosted legends such as Jim Beckwourth, Mariano Medina, Teresita Sandoval, and Richens L. “Uncle Dick” Wootten.

The museum was built to capture the rich history of the El Pueblo archaeological site as a trading center. Through an adobe replica of the original trading post, visitors can learn about the rich mercantile past of the site and enjoy the quaint historic splendor of the placita.

Trading post tours and hands-on activities are available daily in the summer months and for special occasions throughout the year.

The Trading post is also available year-round as a site for rentals and events, including weddings, birthdays, corporate retreats, and more! Learn more and reserve the space here →



Three figures are seated on a wooden bench in front of a lit horno- a type of beehive-shaped outdoor clay brick oven, made of adobe. There is a fire within the horno. In the background is a wooden coyote fence and several trees.
A small kitchen with adobe walls. Three women in traditional 1800s hispano dress are preparing a meal. This room is a recreation of an original kitchen.
Two guests sit at a small table with a woman in traditional 1800s garb. She is a living history presenter. Before them on the table are playing cards. Behind them are recreation 1800s furniture, including a loom, wooden chests, and a fireplace.
El Pueblo Trading Post
Dining set up at El Pueblo History Museum