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High Water Marks

Pueblo's Resilience in the Face of Disaster

The Great Flood of Pueblo struck on June 3, 1921. It caused over $20 million in damages, destroyed entire neighborhoods, and to this day the full death toll is still unknown. This flood is considered one of the most devastating natural disasters in local history, it left a major mark on local culture and memories which endures to today.

To commemorate the centennial of this tragedy, El Pueblo History Museum documents the resilience of the Pueblo community in the face of natural disaster through a new exhibit open through October 2021. High Water Marks documents the history of water control in Pueblo County, the destruction of the Great Flood, and the strength and resilience of a community that not only recovered and rebuilt, but thrived.



Water more than two stories high on historic buildings from 1921.
Pueblo Union Depot during 1921 Flood
Shoveling mud by destroyed house after 1921 Pueblo Flood
Levee Construction in Pueblo, 1920s