Light purple mountains are overlaid on a dark purple background. Written in white block letters is Tamburitzans on Tours. Pueblo, CO.

Upcoming Exhibition

Tamburitzans: On Tour

Tamburitzans: On Tour at El Pueblo History Museum explores the history and cultural tradition of Pueblo’s Tamburitzans, Croatian and Slovenian musical performance groups with deep ties to the community of Pueblo. By curating oral histories, photographs, music, videos, traditional clothing, and tamburitza – the instrument family from which this tradition draws its name – Tamburitzans: On Tour takes visitors inside some of the only Tamburitzan groups west of the Mississippi.

Using these conduits of the human experience, Tamburitzans: On Tour, explains how the tamburitzan became synonymous with Balkan culture, and how Pueblo’s Croatian and Slovenian population carries on their cultural heritage through music and dance. The story of Pueblo’s Tamburitizans goes back three generations with a deep connection to the Croatian and Slovenian descended residents of the Eilers neighborhood as well as those who worked at the Steel Mill.



Tamburitzans: On Tour is an incredible opportunity to celebrate both the rich cultural traditions of the Tamburitzans and the people behind it who have maintained this artform for generations in our community.

Dianne Archuleta, Director of El Pueblo History Museum