A black and white photo of a fist raised in protest with a beaded bracelet.

Upcoming Exhibition

¡Viva La Causa! Long Live the Cause! The Art of Change

In every generation, some artists create work as a form of protest. Their art addresses the struggle for social justice and equality and encourages social change.

¡Viva La Causa! Long Live the Cause! highlights artwork created at the peak of two social justice movements: the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and ʼ70s and the Black Lives Matter movement in the early 2020s to explore themes of identity and empowerment in Colorado.



Tierra O Muerte silkscreen poster by Emanuel Martinez printed on manila folder. Features image of man holding a gun in one hand and a sword in the other. He wears a sombrero and bandolier.
Print of a red Mestizo Head outlined in black surrounded by four red geometric designs outlined in black that are inspired by Prehispanic motifs. The image is framed by a red border.
The signed print by Jodie Herrea depicts a black forearm and hand in a fist with pink flowers on either side of the fist. Written in bold black lettering is GEORGE FLOYD which separates the forearm. Written in a half circle above the wrist in bold black lettering is I AM THE GOLDEN STRAW THAT BROKE THE BACK OF INJUSTICE.
The signed print by the artist depicts a United States dollar bill with a black and white image of a woman in the center of the dollar bill. The woman is front facing wearing a black shirt with face visible. Around the woman's shoulders and head are two pink roses and banner of teal, orange, black, and purple coloring. Text is written in black ink around the inside border of the dollar bill and on the face of the dollar bill. The dollar bill has a bold black border and is the traditional light green.
In the top-center is Martin Luther King Jr., to the top-right is a depiction of his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, and to the top-left Martin Luther King Jr. is seen talking to John F. Kennedy. To the bottom-right is Martin Luther King Jr. 's funeral service after his assassination, and in the bottom-left the violence perpetuated by the police towards protesters and African-Americans is displayed.