Before Going Under Contract with the SHF

You may not begin any work including purchasing supplies, contracting for goods and services, or contracting for professional services before your SHF Contract has been fully executed.

The grant recipient and the project consultants need to review ALL the material contained within the SHF Award Packet you received in the mail.

  • Review the Grant Manual
  • Mail to SHF the initialed Acknowledgement of Award Conditions letter you received in your Award Packet.
  • If there is a property protection requirement on your project, mail to SHF the Signed Award Letter.
    • If an easement is required, please have the Easement Holding company you plan to work with send us a Notice of the Easement Fees. SHF pays these fees.
  • Send an Email to with your Project # as the Subject containing the following information:
    • A statement confirming all cash match is in place (if applicable)
    • A statement confirming that your organization carries Worker’s Compensation, Employer’s Liability, General Liability, and Automobile Insurance, if applicable.
    • A statement informing us if you use the National E-Verify, Colorado’s Department Program, or another employment verification process. If the latter, please explain.
    • A statement indicating the length of time (in days) that your organization will need to review and sign the contracts once they have been received.
    • An electronic WORD copy of your combined scope of work and budget document previously submitted with your application.

Remember that SHF grants are non-negotiable.  It is your responsibility to review the applicable grant template prior to submitting your application to be certain that your organization is willing to go under contract with the terms of the SHF contract.

Your awarded grant will only utilize one of the contract templates listed below.  The contract template is based on the total cumulative SHF awards to date for the property, along with the type of work to be performed (e.g., physical or non-physical) and property ownership.  Based on these variables, determine which one of the following templates applies to your Project and review that contract.

PLEASE NOTE: Samples A and D below contain the standard terms of the SHF contracts; however, based on the above mentioned variables, please note that Property Protection requirements, Property Ownership, and the Amount of the Award may result in subtle differences in the terms of your contract.

Contract Template A
  • For use on physical work (Acquisition & Development projects).
Contract Template D
  • For use on non-physical work (Archaeological/Historic Structure Assessment, Survey & Planning or Education projects)
Contract Template F

For Federally owned property use only.

Contract Template G

For State Agency applicant use only.


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