National and State Register

Historic Resources of Phillips County

The Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) covers built resources and rural historic landscapes in Phillips County associated with agricultural settlement in the 1880s through 1965.

In 1887, the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad built a line through northeastern Colorado, spurring the settlement of what would soon become Phillips County. The Lincoln Land Company, the railroad’s land division, platted communities along the route. Haxtun, Holyoke, Paoli, and Amherst developed as service centers for the surrounding farmland. Phillips borders Sedgwick, Logan, and Yuma counties in Colorado and Chase and Perkins counties in Nebraska. The county attracted a large number of settlers of German and Scandinavian descent, many second or third generation immigrants coming from Nebraska or other Midwestern states. 

The historic context covers four themes: late nineteenth-century settlement and pioneer agriculture in Phillips County, 1889-1900; the "New Nebraska:" Progressive farming and economic growth, 1900-1930; Depression, drought, and Federal relief, 1930-1946; and mid-century modernization, 1946-1965. The property type is Farmstead with its various subtypes. Principal areas of significance at the local level include Architecture and Agriculture. Registration requirements include districts that may be considered rural historic landscapes.