Buildings at Boggsville in 1997.

National and State Register

Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1880

The Kansas State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) lead the effort to draft the National Register of Historic Places Amended Multiple Property Documentation Form (MPDF) for the Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail with participation from the National Park Service National Trails office and SHPO representatives of the five states through which the Trail passed.  This collaborative effort began in August 2009 with a meeting in Dodge City, Kansas between those parties as well as the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and Santa Fe Trail Association.

The sub-contexts applicable to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico include:

  • International Trade on the Mexican Road, 1821-1846
  • The Mexican-American War and the Santa Fe Trail, 1846-1848
  • Expanding National Trade on the Santa Fe Trail, 1848-1861
  • The Effects of the Civil War on the Santa Fe Trail, 1861-1865
  • The Santa Fe Trail and the Railroad, 1865-1880
  • Commemoration and Reuse of the Santa Fe Trail, 1880-1987

Associated property types for the period 1821-1880 (with reuse and commemoration extending through 1930) include:

  • Transportation Sites
  • Travel and Trade Sites
  • Military and Skirmish/Battle Sites
  • Trail Graves and Cemeteries
  • Monuments and Markers
  • Cultural Landscapes