Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology is important for any prospective field worker.  The course offers information on site types, a time framework for sites, and stresses the importance of research. Details on historical artifacts and materials are provided. This course is necessary in studying the complete cultural history of a region.

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An old tobacco tin found at Fort Vasquez.

An historic tobacco tin.

Photo by Sheila Goff.

Class Outline

  1. Introduction, philosophy & methods
  2. Classification of historical sites; examples
  3. Survey of Colorado history, 1540-1940, & its relationship to historical archaeology
    1. Historical American Indian groups
    2. Spanish & American exploration
    3. Traders & trappers
    4. U.S. military in Colorado
    5. Early civilian settlements
    6. Mining
    7. Roads & railroads
    8. Ranching & farming
    9. Logging
    10. Water development
    11. Miscellaneous industries
  4. Research orientation and sources
  5. Information on historical artifacts & structures
    1. Trade items & miscellaneous artifacts
    2. Construction tools
    3. Building materials
    4. Glass artifacts
    5. Metal artifacts
    6. Leather artifacts
    7. Ceramic artifacts
    8. Structures and buildings