International Style

Example of International Architectural Style

Denver examples of the International style

The chief characteristics of the International style are smooth unornamented surfaces, flat roofs, usually without a ledge or coping, bands of windows, often set flush with the exterior wall, and asymmetrical composition.  A complete lack of ornamentation distinguishes the International style.  Horizontality, particularly on commercial buildings, is employed through alternating bands of windows and solid planes created a horizontal effect.  Wood or metal casement windows are common.  The style, which dates primarily from the 1930s through the 1950s, with a revival in the 1970s, also emphasizes light and shadow as opposed to color.

Example of International Style

Denver examples of the International style

Common elements:

  1. smooth, untextured surfaces
  2. cantilevers
  3. bands of windows
  4. solid plane
  5. casement windows
  6. flat roof