We are Colorado

Italian Coloradans

Shaped by the country they left behind, Italian immigrants made their way to Colorado in the late 1850s, spurred by the mining boom.

Upon arrival, they faced many challenges, often living in segregated communities. Despite their struggles, Italian immigrants persevered and prospered, making an impact on the communities they were becoming a part of.

Today Colorado’s Italian American community is experiencing a revival, with members committed to preserving their history. Below are personal histories and rare photographs collected in collaboration with this community.

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Oyster parlor Trinidad 1900

Oyster parlor in Trinidad, 1900

musicians in Silverton 1926

Italian American Musicians in Silverton, 1926

Gift Philip D. and Romana Antonelli
Il Corriere di Trinidad printing office 1910

Il Corriere di Trinidad printing office, Trinidad, 1910

Courtesy Eugene Maio
Children riding in wagon pulled by goat 1927

Lou and Nancy Garramone, Denver, 1927

Courtesy Ange Volpe
Cerrone's Market in Denver, 1986

Mildred Cerrone cleaning butcher blocks at Cerrone's Market, by Tom Denger, 1986

Courtesy Tom Noel
Stonemasons in Denver 1925

Stonemasons at Milne Granite Yard at Sixth and Curtis, Denver, 1925

Gift Harold Benoit and Betty Pierce
Sunshine Laundry in Denver, 1930

Sunshine Laundry with employees, by Hebard and Hargrave, Denver, 1930

Courtesy Juliet Nicoletti-Schray Jiracek
Vallero Mercantile in Denver, 1910

Vallero Mercantile, West Thirty-fourth Avenue and Osage Street, Denver, 1910

Gift Terry Zaremba
Angelina Carpinello baking bread in a dome oven 1940

Angelina (Cominello) Carpinello baking bread in her dome oven at 1801 West Forty-sixth Avenue, 1940

Courtesy Joseph Carpinello
Pollice's Concert Band of Denver 1915

Pollice's Concert Band of Denver with bandmaster Angelo Michael Pollice (pictured wearing bow tie at left of child with baton), Denver, 1915

Courtesy John Pollice Jr., Mary (Pollice) Metz, and Angela (Pollice) Kelsey