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Lesson Plans

The following literacy lessons were developed by Denver Public School teachers using primary sources from both the collections of History Colorado and other public domain sources. Be sure to check out our lesson plans for Hispano history and National Parks and Monuments as well.


3rd or 4th Grade Colorado History Lessons

Fur Trappers and Beaver Pelts

Silver Ore and Smelters

Hunting with Bows and Arrows

Left Hand's Visit

Mining and the Environment

Women and the Gold Rush


4th Grade Westward Expansion Lessons

Exploring the Colorado River

Life on a Midwest Farm in 1800

Oklahoma Land Rush

The Alamo


5th Grade Revolutionary War Lessons

A Tea Party Volunteer

Events in Moses Grandy's Life

Moses Grady's Life as a Slave

Not Really a Tea Party

Patriots and Tories

The Boston Massacre