Local PAAC Seminar Program

The intent of the seminar program is to provide additional educational opportunities that are not presently available with the current demand for PAAC training.  The seminar program offers individual CAS chapters and other local organizations the opportunity to tap the knowledge of their members as well as non-member specialists.  Subjects suitable as seminar topics are numerous but must be applicable to the needs and general intent of PAAC.

The seminar program does not officially contribute toward PAAC certification.  Participation in Board-approved seminars will be recognized through notations in the official PAAC files and in the participant's log book.  To insure the quality of proposed seminars, the following guidelines must be observed:

  1. All proposed seminars must be evaluated by the PAAC Board or its representative before being offered to the chapter/group.  The evaluation will be made from the information supplied on the form Local PAAC Seminar Proposal (download in MS Word or as a PDF).
  2. Seminars are to be from two to ten hours in length.  The overall tone should indicate some degree of complexity, a result of research and planning.
  3. CAS members and other volunteers attending the seminar will be expected to participate either through discussion, related activities, or prior reading.

The PAAC Board encourages participation and offers assistance in the initiation of chapter seminars.  All questions should be addressed to the State Training Co-ordinator.

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