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A.G. Ranch House

Park County

The A.G. Ranch House is located in the Pike National Forest, situated in a valley meadow in mountainous terrain in northern Park County, Colorado.

A.G. Ranch House 5PA.756

A.G. Ranch House

In 1933 Albert J. Gould, Jr., a prominent Denver attorney, purchased the majority of a 1880s homestead and then designed this house in 1940. Gould used the house as a base for mountain recreation, to entertain guests, and as headquarters for his small ranching operation. The ca. 1941 A.G. Ranch house is a well-built example of a Rustic-style house with its exterior half-round log siding, stone foundations and chimney, wood trim, and overhanging clipped gable roof, which all convey an association with the house's mountainous setting and characterize the Rustic-style associated with vacation homes and dude ranches that were typically built after 1905.