National and State Register

Akron Public Library

Washington County

Constructed on the northeast corner of Main and 3rd, the 1931 one-story brick library features an interesting oblique entry.  In 1922, the women of Akron formed a local library association and labored to place the town’s library, founded in 1916, on solid financial footing.  

A view of the library with hipped roof and entrance on the corner with stairs and ramp leading up to it. Before the library lays snow around the cement sidewalks and tall trees on the right and back of the building.

Akron Public Library (1997 photograph.)

Fundraising efforts by the association and its successor library board, accompanied by financial help from the town and county and a generous donation of land from the local Masonic lodge, resulted in the construction of this attractive and substantial building.  That the building was constructed solely with local funding during the lean years of the Depression speaks to the town’s commitment to its library, which continues to serve the community.