Grainery on the Allen Family Homestead with a view of Sleeping Ute Mountain in the background.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Allen Family Homestead

Dolores County

In 1915 Leslie V. Allen filed a homestead in Dove Creek with the Department of the Interior.  At the time, the farm was just 160 acres.  Three years later, Allen applied for an additional 80 acres of land.

Historic photo showing Leslie Allen with his sunflowers.

Leslie Allen and sunflowers.

Photo courtesy of the Allen Family Homestead

Allen farmed his land with the help of horses.  He grew wheat, cane, corn and pinto beans.  Other than horses, the Allen family also raised chickens, hogs and cows.  As a way of making an income, Allen sold eggs, wheat, cane, beans and wood to the local store.  Today the farm has two historic structures no longer in use; one is the log cabin built in 1915, and the other is the granary built in 1935.

A sunflower field on the Allen Family Homestead.
Historic photo showing the original log cabin on the Allen Family Homestead.
Fire in the canyon seen from the Allen Family Homestead, 2009.
Historic photo of the Allens on their pumpkin patch.
Wheat field on the Allen Family Homestead.
Historic image showing a team and sled, 1931 (5DL.4760)
Members of the Allen Family Homestead.
Allen Farm declaratory statement, 1915
Historic photo showing David's prize calf.