View across plowed fields towards old buildings.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Allmer Farm & Ranch

Weld County

Jake and Catherine Allmer purchased Allmer Farm and Ranch on February 14, 1916. After Catherine Allmer died in childbirth, Jake married Clara Knisler on January 14, 1932. The two had nine children, one of whom was Floyd Allmer.

Floyd purchased the property in 1967 from his parents and owned it until his death in 1969. The property was then left to his wife Lillian Christine and their children: Stephen Dale, Harlene Arnett & Brian Scott. After Harlene passed away, her share of the estate went to her son, Rian August Jenson. Brian Allmer manages the farm today and still produces all of its original products: winter wheat, proso millet, and beef cattle.

Allmer family members (seated) with their Centennial Farm certificate.
Allmer Farm & Ranch family with their Centennial Farm sign.
View along a two track towards an abandoned house that looks across plowed fields.
Abandoned house on the Allmer Farm & Ranch.