National and State Register

American National Bank Building

Alamosa County

Constructed in 1909 during a period of rapid growth in the San Luis Valley, the bank building reflects the optimism associated with an important phase of downtown Alamosa’s commercial development. 

Color photo of the American National Bank Building, 2001 (5AL.248).

American National Bank Building (5AL.248) in 2001.

The virtually intact brick building is a good example of an Arcaded Block, a popular commercial building type during the early decades of the 20th century.  The building functioned as a bank until 1951, and for many years it housed a flower shop.

Ben and Alyce Fujii restored the building and returned it to use as a bank.  Belinda Zink, the restoration architect, believed the building would have ended up in a landfill if not for SHF grants of nearly $110,000 and $333,000 in matching funds from the Alamosa Uptown & River Association.  These funds covered masonry work, replacing the roof and parapets, and repairing and repainting the doors and recessed arched windows.  A 1930s flood stained the light brick and sandstone, which were cleaned and repaired during restoration.