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Bagley Hills Ranch, Inc.

Yuma County

Bagley Hills Ranch is a livestock operation located in Yuma county owned by Donald and Deborah Godsey. Don’s grandmother, Alice Bagley, came to Colorado from Missouri in 1910. She applied for a homestead patent for 160 acres near her parents’ homestead south of Eckley. Arthur Bagley graduated from college in Kirkland, Missouri in 1910 when he then moved to Colorado and married Alice. In 1919 they bought a ½ section where they made their home for many years. In addition to ranching, Arthur taught school and was the principal in Vernon for more than 35 years. The original home was remodeled in the 1940s. The family purchased more land during this time, eventually expanding their ranch to 2,760 acres. They made their home and worked the ranch until 1947 when they returned to Missouri to care for Arthur’s ailing mother. The ranch remained in the family. In 1973, Alice turned the ranch over to her five children and their spouses who incorporated the property now called Bagley Hills Ranch.  Arthur and Alice Bagley's grandson Donald Godsey and his wife Deborah (Baucke) Godsey purchased the ranch in 1990. Today the Godseys along with their sons run a cow/calf herd on the pastures as Don's grandparents did 100 years ago.