Clarence Everett and his horse, Buck.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Bar 7T Ranch

Montezuma County

Claude Everett and Lillie Sellers Everett were both born in 1884 and married in Beulah, Colorado in 1905. They came to the Mancos valley and homesteaded their ranch in 1915. They had nine children, expanded their ranch and were known for helping their neighbors and community.

Currently, the fifth generation lives on the ranch. The original two-story house burned in 1942, however, a portion of this house is built into the current house. The ranch continues to use the original barns and outbuildings, flood irrigates using the original ditches, farms hay and raises cattle as it did over 100 years ago.

Historic photograph showing the seven of the children of Lillie and Claude Everett.
Clarence Everett and his two daughters outside the south barn with a deer carcass.
A 1948 photo on a snowy day shows the house that Clarence and Lucile Everett built after the 1942 fire.
The house on the Bar 7T Ranch on a snowy day, after its 2015 remodel.
Bar 7T Ranch family (seated) with their certificate.
Bar 7T Ranch famiy with their Centennial Farm sign.