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Baur Confectionery Company Building

Denver County

The 1881 Baur Building housed the most popular and longest-lived confectionery, catering, and restaurant firm in Denver.  Established in 1871 by German immigrant Otto P. Baur, the company quickly emerged as an innovative and successful purveyor of candies, cakes, and other confectionery items. 

A view of the corner of the building from across the street

Baur Confectionery Company Building

Baur’s confectionery expertise, his dedication to excellence, and his continuous striving to develop new flavors and delicacies resulted in steady expansion of the firm and shipment of its candies across the country and overseas.  After apprenticing at the store in the 1890s, John Joseph Jacobs, Baur’s nephew, returned to take over the business after Baur’s death in 1904.  He led the company into its greatest era by developing new confections and greatly expanding the scope of operations, eventually adding a restaurant in 1918 famous for its Deviled Crab entrée and chocolate Mija dessert.  Jacobs was known for his philanthropic endeavors, such as ice cream giveaways for children during the Great Depression, cakes delivered to elderly citizens on special birthdays, and sweets provided to local hospitals and orphanages.