Brnak Farms members with their Centennial Farm award.

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Brnak Farms

Weld County

Vaclav Brnak received a homestead patent in 1906 for his land near Keenesburg which has since grown to 1400 acres.  Originally the farm produced wheat and barley and raised cattle, hogs, and chickens. 

Brnak Farms receive their Centennial Farm award.

Brnak Farms receive their Centennial Farm award.

History Colorado.

Several historic building are still in use including the 1914 house, 1920s barn and chicken house and 1950s shop, Quonset hut, and granary.  Today grandson James Joseph owns the land, and his son Jeffery farms wheat and spring crops and raises cattle.  The original 1400-acre farm is augmented by 3,000+ acres of nearby farmland, both owned and leased.