Hay bale in a wheat field on the Carlson Farm.

Centennial Farms & Ranches

Carlson Farm

Morgan County

John and Elimina moved to Snyder, Colorado from Nebraska and purchased the original 80 acres in 1915. In the same year, the adjacent 160 acres were purchased by Elimina and added to the farm.

Historic image showing a man and his dog in the doorway of a barn.

Carlson Farm barn.

Photo courtesy of the Carlson Farm.

They built a granary first, where they lived in the basement while waiting for their Sears & Roebuck Company kit home to arrive by railroad. John and Elimina farmed wheat and corn and raised cattle and horses. Tony and his family still raise wheat and cattle on the farm today.

An overhead shot from the air of Carlson Farm, covered in snow.
Members of the Carson Farm (seated) shown with their Centennial Farms certificate and various dignitaries, including the governor.
Carlson Farm family showing off their tractors, from the very small to the very big.
The Carlson Farm family with their Centennial Farm sign.
Old color photograph showing the Carlson Farm house from the highway.