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Chadbourn Spanish Gospel Mission

El Paso County

The Chadbourn Spanish Gospel Mission is the sole remaining building of a now demolished Hispanic immigrant neighborhood known as the Conejos District.  In the early 20th century many Mexican laborers made the Conejos District their home due to its location near the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad switchyard.  During this period, the Mission became an integral part of the neighborhood, not only as a religious institution, but also as a community hub, educational center, and refuge for those in need. 

A view of the mission from the front with curvilinear entry area and tower on the right. In the background is the canopy of a tree as well as a view of some mountains.

Chadbourn Spanish Gospel Mission (2007 photograph.)  

The Mission is also significant for its architecture.  The building began as a modest neighborhood grocery store, but was later renovated to resemble a traditional Spanish Mission.  Through this renovation, the building became an excellent example of the Mission Revival style as applied to non-secular architecture in Colorado Springs.  The building’s Mission Revival style is exemplified in its square bell tower, curvilinear parapets, overhanging eaves, exposed rafter tails, arches, and stucco finish.