Family associated with the homestead hold their Centennial Farms certificate.

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Charles T. Neally Homestead

Kit Carson County

Charles T. Neally and Lizzie Agnue Paul homesteaded in the Beaver Valley Community northeast of Burlington, Colorado and acquired their property under the Homestead Act of 1862. They built their home out of rocks and sod, but only the foundations remain today.

Charles T. Neally Homestead family picture.

Charles T. Neally Homestead family picture.

History Colorado

There they raised two daughters, raised cattle, and grew their own food. They planted hedge-apple trees which were used to make fence posts. The original hedge apple tree located near the original stone/sod home is thought to be one of the oldest trees in the county. 

The property is now used for cattle pasture and the original location of the Neally home has been replaced by new structures and windbreaks… but the old hedge apple tree remains!