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Cheesman-Boettcher Mansion (Governor’s Mansion)

Denver County

Walter S. Cheesman, an early and long-time Denver promoter and developer, began work on the house in 1904.  He died before its completion in 1908. 

A direct view of the mansion in black and white, with large trees on the left and partially on the right.

Cheesman-Boettcher Mansion (Governor’s Mansion)

John Evans and his wife Gladys, Cheesman’s daughter, lived in the house until about 1926 when Claude Boettcher, son of the founder of the Great Western Sugar Company, purchased the property.  In 1960, the Colonial Revival mansion was transferred from the Boettchers to the State of Colorado, and it became the official home for the state’s governor.  

The mansion has undergone rehabilitation and restoration work with the aid of State Historical Fund grants.