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City Park (Denver)

Denver County

City Park is the largest and among the oldest of Denver’s parks.  Henry Meryweather laid out the park in 1882 in the romantic tradition exemplified by Olmsted’s Central Park.

A view of the City Park pavilion with mountains in the background and lake in the foreground.

City Park

City Park is divided into active and passive zones in the tradition of late 19th century park design and is embellished with elaborate broiderie gardens, lakes, fountains and ponds, a zoo and a museum of natural history, important mountain vistas, playgrounds, and an extraordinary diversity of well designed and well planted landscapes.  Reinhard Schuetze redesigned parts of the park around 1900, as did Saco R. DeBoer in the 1920s.  The property is associated with the Denver Park and Parkway System Thematic Resource.