Grants Awarded

Colorado Springs Day Nursery

El Paso County

The Colorado Springs Day Nursery has offered childcare services continually since opening its doors in 1924.  

Colorado Springs Day Nursery.

Colorado Springs Day Nursery.

Photo by Jeffrey Beall.

 It has also been the home of the Colorado Springs Day Nursery Association, which was founded in 1897 to provide care for young children from low income and working families moving to the Springs to seek relief from and treatment for tuberculosis. Now known as Early Connections Learning Centers, the organization still calls the Day Nursery home. Unfortunately, after over 90 years of rain, hail, and use, the main level windows and original oak doors are in desperate need of restoration. With help from a grant from SHF, this work can go forward, and the original character and historic appearance of the nursery will be preserved.

This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.